Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menu week 9/10/10

Well I'm going to give this a go again :) Whenever summer hits my menu planning just goes down the drain but once fall hits I get into the cooking & baking mood again.

So here's what my menu plan was for this last week with the recipes.

-Mexican Potatoes

This one's easy just use a baked potato instead of a taco shell. They're yummy & very filling

-Honey Balsamic Chicken

served with either some seasoned potatoes or pasta

-Applesauce Bbq Chicken

served with Maple Baked Beans


just adding spaghetti sauce to it with maybe some sausage, served with a tossed salad & garlic bread

-Apple Glazed Pork Chops

I don't have the recipe yet for this on

Since this week is over, I'm going to update what I actually cooked :) and my reviews. We did have the Mexican Potatoes and they were good as always. My husband decided to cook some steaks on the grill one night and I was all for him cooking :) We did eat out a couple nights, I made homemade pizza one of the nights too which I thought was pretty yummy.

And then this evening we had the Applesauce bbq chicken with some maple baked beans and mashed potatoes. The chicken was pretty good, it had just a smidge of sweetness and some bite from the bbq sauce and the baked beans were a nice little touch from the plain canned beans. This meal is a must make again and will stay in my favorite recipes book. I whipped this entire meal up in probably 20 mins! I love quick meals. It was helpful that I had some canned chunky applesauce from last year that I used in it, not sure I'd make it using anything different.

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