Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recipe Reviews

So the menu planning is going meh.  I have been winging it so I do need to focus more on a "plan".  I have been trying the freezer meals though and I think this is going to be very beneficial especially on the nights I just don't want to cook.

I enjoy trying new recipes & I really need to write a review on these meals so I can reference them in the future.  I'll start with Tuesday's dinner.  I made tuna casserole, I've never made tuna casserole before so this was trial.  I made this recipe and I ended up freezing half the batch so there will be no tossing out the leftovers that we've forgotten about.  My hubby liked it, I think it was a smidge dry and I think I got a little too much crust on the top.  All in all it was pretty good and a nice budget meal.

Last night I made dorito chicken.  Not the most healthy meal but oh my it was delicious.  Hubby thought it had rice in it, I guess the doritos gave it a ricey texture.  I thought it tasted a bit like the Schwans lime chicken dinner minus the lime so I think if I added lime it'd be pretty close.  Hubby suggested making it into enchiladas sometime & add some rice to it.  I agree it'd be worth a try.  I also split this recipe, it was small to begin with (8x8) pan so I ended up freezing half of it.  The portions for the 2 dishes were probably 2-3 servings (about the size of the frozen meals we get from Schwans).  Here's the link to that recipe

Tonight I threw in 2 pork chops and some baby ray's bbq sauce.  It was really soupy so I broke apart the pork to make shredded pork, it soaked it up nice and I think it's going to be tasty.  It sure does smell delicious in the house.  I also made up some roasted red potatoes which I tossed in some oil, Wildtree garlic, pepper & parmesan cheese.  I think those are going to be rather tasty too.  And lastly I made up some homemade biscuits the revisions I made to this recipe was 3 tsp of baking powder & I used butter instead of shortening.

Oh I want to note a meal I made last week too, Ranch House crock pot pork chops.  This was good but a bit salty.  I used a packet of ranch I had in the cupboard but I think if I use the Wildtree ranch mix it might not be quite as salty so I will try this one again some time.  I served it with mashed potatoes.  Here's the recipe for the pork

I have no plan for the rest of the week and the only thing left in the freezer is Schwans baked cod & some frozen blue gill besides the 2 frozen meals from this week.  So I definitely need to get a plan for the coming week.